Thursday, June 12, 2014


Though the year I believe I changed with the way I make art and the level of creativity, and the way I am more at ease and comfortable trying different things and just "going with it". The beginning of the year, I was nervous to try anything different and new, so I stayed away from it. I didn't know the materials or techniques well enough to try anything else. I'm happy I had the opportunity to take this class, and given the chance, I hope to have it next year. I feel comfortable and more peaceful doing work in that class, it's probably my favorite one.

Time capsule

Inside of my box consists of things you could say describe me, things I like, things going on right now, etc. I put a handful of pictures inside along with a letter which are probably to most important. I put a receipt and a price tag from the stores I shop in and like. I made a list of the song and artists I enjoy the most, so whenever I open the box I can see how much my interests change and whatnot.