Thursday, June 12, 2014


Though the year I believe I changed with the way I make art and the level of creativity, and the way I am more at ease and comfortable trying different things and just "going with it". The beginning of the year, I was nervous to try anything different and new, so I stayed away from it. I didn't know the materials or techniques well enough to try anything else. I'm happy I had the opportunity to take this class, and given the chance, I hope to have it next year. I feel comfortable and more peaceful doing work in that class, it's probably my favorite one.

Time capsule

Inside of my box consists of things you could say describe me, things I like, things going on right now, etc. I put a handful of pictures inside along with a letter which are probably to most important. I put a receipt and a price tag from the stores I shop in and like. I made a list of the song and artists I enjoy the most, so whenever I open the box I can see how much my interests change and whatnot.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Story pole

The heat of the sun radiates off of the sand and my skin, warming me. The smell of sea salt tingles my nose, mixed with sun screen. My toes are buried in the warm sand, as I'm laying on a towel, an umbrella nearby, cold drinks underneath. The landscape is tinted by the color of my sunglasses. The breeze is crisp and peaceful. Soon enough, the heat of the sun and sand become unbearable. I make my way through the steaming dry sand into the cool damp sand, allowing the cool tiny waves to break over my feet. It feels so nice, I just run into the water, submerging myself entirely in the chill of the salt water. There are creatures, like fish, starfish, and sand crabs swimming around, and hidden in the sand. There is always laughter and smiles. It's impossible to be unhappy at the beach, the atmosphere is always content and relaxing. It makes me feel at ease, like nothing is wrong, just listening to the waves pound onto the sand, families getting away from what's wrong to enjoy a day of paradise. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune cookie

The fortune cookie project was a bit harder than expected. It was difficult for me to portray the fortunes in my art, metaphorically. I didn't want to just paste the fortunes onto a piece of paper. I wanted more thought to go into it. It took me a little while, but soon enough I was able to get going. I haven't finished, but pictures are soon to come 

Art x 3

I really liked this assignment. At first, I really didn't get into it, or want to at that. But once I got my third piece, and started getting inspired for it, it became fun. I loved all the ideas that were just rushing into my mind. I didn't have an overall plan or idea for it, I just went with whatever came to mind, and I had a lot of fun with it.

Pop print

   The pop print was a fun experience overall for me. I enjoyed carving the shape from the stamp, because I find that better than drawing in a way. It was neat to print in mass just because it was a lot quicker and easier to get things done. It has sort of an iconic look to it, more modern and fun. I don't exactly have a reason for choosing the object I did, I just thought it'd be a cool shape to work with, all the different lines and shapes. It was a good experience overall.