Monday, March 17, 2014

Story pole

The heat of the sun radiates off of the sand and my skin, warming me. The smell of sea salt tingles my nose, mixed with sun screen. My toes are buried in the warm sand, as I'm laying on a towel, an umbrella nearby, cold drinks underneath. The landscape is tinted by the color of my sunglasses. The breeze is crisp and peaceful. Soon enough, the heat of the sun and sand become unbearable. I make my way through the steaming dry sand into the cool damp sand, allowing the cool tiny waves to break over my feet. It feels so nice, I just run into the water, submerging myself entirely in the chill of the salt water. There are creatures, like fish, starfish, and sand crabs swimming around, and hidden in the sand. There is always laughter and smiles. It's impossible to be unhappy at the beach, the atmosphere is always content and relaxing. It makes me feel at ease, like nothing is wrong, just listening to the waves pound onto the sand, families getting away from what's wrong to enjoy a day of paradise.