Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Candy Jar

   Candy Jar Drawing 

throughout the process of my sketching, highlighting, shading, and coloring i learned about complimentery colors, proportions, pressure of my pencil, and the difference between coloring amd shading. i learned you don't need grays or blacks to make the crease of a wrapper look darker, instead, you use a complimentary color, red with green, purple with yellow, and blue with orange. starting the sketch was difficult because you had to make your jar the perfect size, and the candies proportioned well, or it would look awkward. highlighting and shading at first were very difficult for me, but once i realized you really had to look at the jar, it doesn't just pop out at you, it became easier for me. the way you press your pencil onto the paper can affect the way your drawing looks, on certain candies like smarties, you wouldnt want to press too hard, while candies like skittles, or tootsie pops, you needed the pressure of your pencil to be harder. i enjoyed the drawing greatly, it was fun, and light, but still a challenge, i am happy with the work ive done with this, and look forward to more assignments like this. Below, I attached three pictures of my drawings, and the progress I made through it.